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Version 2 of Wanderlust Web App

Version 2 of Wanderlust Web App

I'm super excited to launch the next version of Wanderlust 2.0! I've added a ton of new features to make the city dashboard more useful for you!

Your Digital Passport

Our way of simplifying your wall map with pins that you never use. Keep track of the countries you've been to by our interactive digital map (aka your virtual passport) which allows you to update your 'visited' list in real-time! As you look at the map, you can simply click on a country to update your list!

City Search & Advanced Information

We've added a search feature that allows you to find any popular city in the world and get real-time information. To that end, we've gathered all the important points you'd need to know: weather, cost of living, working conditions, and more. In the dashboard, click on any city to open up the city view. We have a ton more planned for this, so stay tuned!

Dark Mode

Enjoy a change of view when using the app's Dark Mode setting. In the top right of the dashboard, you'll see a sun/moon button - give it a try!

Get out there and start exploring!

Can't wait to hear your thoughts! I've also created a new way of suggesting features -- please let me know what you'd like to see! Submit an idea

Wanderlust App was created to make it easy to discover the most beautiful places across the world. From an AI travel assistant to planning the perfect trip and tracking all the places you want to visit around the world, Wanderlust App will help you do it all.

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