Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wanderlust App?

Wanderlust App is a digital travel web application that helps travelers find the best places around the world, track their travels, and connect with other travelers.

What features does Wanderlust App offer?

Wanderlust App offers features such as a city search tool, personalized travel bucket list, an AI travel assistant, virtual passport, local favorites recommendations, a nomad community, and much much more.

How can Wanderlust App help me plan my travels?

Wanderlust App can help you plan your travels by providing information on cities around the world, connecting you with other travelers for recommendations, and allowing you to track your travels and expenses.

Is Wanderlust App free to use?

Wanderlust App offers a free basic version with limited features, and a premium version with more advanced features for a small monthly subscription.

Is my personal information safe and secure on Wanderlust App?

Wanderlust App takes the privacy and security of its users seriously, and uses industry-standard measures to protect personal information. We also never share or sell you information. Ever.

How can I connect with other travelers on Wanderlust App?

You can connect with other travelers on Wanderlust App through the nomad community feature which is part of the pro plan.

Can I add my own favorite places to Wanderlust App?

Yes, you can add your own favorite places to Wanderlust App and share them with the community, friends & family.

How frequently does Wanderlust App release new features?

Wanderlust App releases new features on a monthly basis, and is committed to continually improving the user experience and adding useful features for you.